Cassis Travel Diary: Round Two

Hello there! I hope everyone is well! I still can’t quite believe it’s June, which does in fact mean we are half way through the year and here I am still feeling as though it’s February. But I guess time flies when you’re having fun…

If you’d read one of my previous posts about what I’m upto this year or follow me on Instagram then you will know that I just recently go back from Cassis in the South of France; a bloody beautiful place and somewhere that makes me very happy. I think my Instagram kinda proves just how much I love this place, talk about Cassis overload (sorry!)

One of my families favourite places to go to and almost a hidden treasure in terms of not being a place I hear many people talk about; which in fact makes it all the more unique and special to me. Overcrowded people often takes the magic out of certain places around the world, but for Cassis even during the busy holiday seasons, the side streets are quiet and filled with locals rather than the hustle and bustle of tourists. Which I must say makes outfit snapping a whole lot easier when you haven’t got the worry of getting in peoples way.

Last time we travelled to Cassis we stayed in the beautiful Royal Cottage hotel however this time we stayed in the most exquisite villa which was up in the mountains, and about a 20 minute walk from the main town in Cassis. The villa was literally the dreamiest villa I’ve ever stayed in…if you are obsessed with palm trees, cactus’ and incredible views of the mountains then you’d be in your absolute element here, just like I was.

So what exactly did I get upto in Cassis? What did I eat and what did I wear?


This holiday was definitely the perfect mixture of relaxing, overindulging in food (mainly Ice-cream) and going out and visiting the main town. We wanted to be able to enjoy the Villa and lounging by the pool during the day doesn’t really get boring when you are in a place like this with the most amazing scenery and plants surrounding you. We did however go to the market during the day on Friday, which I had high hopes for seeing as last year I bought a really lovely fringed bag. This year was in fact better and I managed to get hold of the dreamiest Chloé- esque bag in red which I haven’t wanted to take off since buying it. I also bought some beautiful gold jewellery, something I always seem to steer towards as my friends and family will know. I bought two amazing gold rings this holiday which resulted in my sister telling me I don’t really need them when I have too many rings and not enough fingers to put them on…true but none the less I NEEDED them!

We also spent a few hours on the beach on our last full day where we went paddle boarding; I loved it so much last time I had to do it again. I must say I was pretty impressed with how long I could actually stay up for…before plummeting into the sea and panicking while trying to get back onto the board and locate my paddle at the same time…trickier than it sounds I promise.

We ate out each night due to the fact we were staying in a Villa and didn’t want to buy in tonnes of food for tea time, that would probably end up not being eaten…also partially because it was nice to go and visit Cassis town at it’s busiest and enjoy the food at the harbour.

The restaurants we ate at were some of the nicest restaurants I’ve ever been to, and to tell you the truth not a single night disappointed. We ate everything from ‘Three Cheese’ Ravioli (possibly my favourite meal) to ‘Veal Steak with Cream and Mushroom sauce’ (again another mouth watering meal). The best restaurants were definitely Restaurant Le Chaudron and La Vieille Auberge. The settings of the restaurants are perfect, either located overlooking the harbour or down the cobbled side streets with colourful houses and pretty bikes…it’s definitely food with a view either way.

TOP: TOPSHOP *similar / SKIRT: MANGO *similar / JACKET: DOROTHY PERKINS *similar / SANDALS:  QUIZ  / BELT: ASOS *similar

If anywhere in the world could reach the level of aesthetics to match my outfits I think Cassis could be the one. Especially at the moment with my love for anything with a hint of western cowgirl vibes included in them; buckled belts, double denim, white cowboy boots and slogan tees.

Packing for any holiday is stressful in itself, especially when you’ve never been somewhere before and have no clue as to whether you need to dress up or dress down each day. Lucky for me I sussed this one out last year, and find that with any place in the South of France, the women are extremely fashionable and therefore dressing up is perfectly do-able. Truth be told I actually wore some of my favourite outfits to date in Cassis.

Denim is always a must with me when I go abroad. Denim skirts, shorts and jackets are such easy throw on pieces and versatile enough to play around with and pair with different tops and accessories. My favourite outfit included this beautiful white denim skirt from Mango, pairing it with my new mesh and sequin detail top and white denim jacket. I’m not usually the type of girl to pair white denim with more white denim but something about this whole monochrome attire worked, so I just rolled with it.



Another of my favourite outfits from my trip was the dream cherry print dress from Urban Outfitters which I picked up last month. It was definitely the type of dress that I took to the changing room and literally prayed it would fit me, which It did. I haven’t been THIS obsessed with a dress in years and would wear it all day every day if I could. The bag I picked up from the market made for the perfect match with the dress and throwing on my white trusty mules to finish off the outfit.

The one thing I would say about the south of France at the end of May/beginning of June is that the weather can be a bit hit or miss. There was one overcast day when we were there, so we were pretty lucky in terms of the weather as when I looked at the weather for the week before we were due to travel it said rain and thunderstorms. Also taking a jacket for the evening is a MUST, although the good thing about the restaurants and bars is most of them have outdoor heaters.

I have to say I don’t think it will be too long before I’m back in Cassis…so until next time!










  1. June 11, 2018 / 1:28 pm

    My GOD the most stunning pictures I think I’ve ever seen! Your outfits, this place! This is definitely on my list to visit! It sounds absolutely divine! xxx

    • caitlin
      June 11, 2018 / 1:30 pm

      Thank you so much Paige. You definitely have to visit!! xxx

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