The Beauty Edit: Part 2

And we are back with another instalment of the ‘beauty edit’ using makeup from 3INA. This week I have completely gone out of my comfort zone and decided to choose colours that I have never in fact worn…purple shades. I think this has got to be the perfect makeup look for sunny spring days when you are feeling a little more confident and happier; the sun just makes me feel so much better and honestly I’m absolutely desperate for the hot weather to come back.

I like to base my makeup looks around the clothes I’m going to be wearing that day however I braved it on this day and decided to base my outfit around my makeup…kinda tricky when you are going for tones that you don’t wear very often. I felt as though the outfit had to also be a little daring and out there, oh and also something floral because floral just screams SPRING! So with that said lets get onto how I created the look:

The Eyes:

For the eyes I used the 3INA 105 pallet again, however this time using the pink and purple shades as I wanted to capture a completely different aesthetic from before. The purple tones really stood out in the pallet so I wanted to highlight this by using the lipstick in shade 522 to add to the corner of my eye. Again I used the 2 in 1 pen eyeliner to perfect my cat eye as It wouldn’t be a Caitlin look without a winged cat eye!

The Lipstick: 

The longwear lipstick literally says it in the name and stays on all day which I’m obsessed with. Trying to find a lipstick that doesn’t come of in the first hour of you wearing it, or after you’ve had a drink is pretty difficult so I’m loving the fact it stays on all day. Using shade 522 I wanted to make a statement with the whole makeup look, and I know it’s pretty daring but for days I’m feeling a little less adventurous I’d probably use a nude matte lipstick or a gloss.


  1. Holly White
    April 25, 2018 / 8:35 am

    Photos are incredible! So gorgeous! And I LOVE 3INA! xxx

    • caitlin
      April 25, 2018 / 9:35 am

      Thank you so much Holly! I’ve fallen in love with 3INA! xxx

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