I Won’t Forget The Reasons I Started Blogging

It’s Sunday and after having woken up at 11:30 thrown on a comfy oversized jumper and pyjama shorts, heading downstairs to make myself a much needed cup of tea and bowl of Special K (my cereal of choice) to then throw myself on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket in time to watch another episode of Gossip Girl with my mum…I’m rather proud of myself for FINALLY getting her into it (maybe selfishly) so that I can sit and watch it in the living room rather than hibernate in my bedroom and binge watch it. It’s days like this when I am at my most creative. The kind of day when I revisit drafted blog posts that I have archived for further notice; when I can actually get my brain to engage and write something worth sharing. Having such a chilled day like this got me thinking about the main reasons I started my blog in the first place and whether recently I had been loosing focus and getting distracted behind the truth.

I started my blog all them years ago after having constantly written diaries and created scrapbooks filled with the cuttings out from my favourite editorials found in magazines and websites. I’d spent my teenage years constantly on tumblr creating an online gallery of images that inspired me and quotes that resonated with me and it was during these years I realised just how badly I wanted to be apart of the fashion industry and how it was about time I looked into sharing my life and style with anybody and anyone that wanted to read my blog. It was a real passion of mine from the get go and something that I think I will always hold close to my heart…

One thing that makes things in the blogging world hazy is the whole commotion around numbers on Instagram and blog statistics. It’s annoying when you work hard for something, or you spend so much effort creating content for it to get seen by next to no one on Instagram and we can all thank the stupid algorithm for that. However that shouldn’t be the only reason we are creating the content we are. I started posting style related photos on my Instagram all those years ago because It was one of the things that made me truly happy and it still does to this day. People are so obsessed with the numbers that appear next to a photo or their follower count that they forget that blogging is about having a passion for something. OF COURSE we want our photos to be seen, and OF COURSE we want our blog posts to be read but I’ve given up with the idea that maybe If I change my ways my photos will be seen by more people or I will gain more followers because the honest truth is that I end up gaining more followers when I’m trying less and being 100% myself online.

I’ve grown extremely tired of reading about ways to ‘beat the algorithm’ because at the end of the day there’s very little we can do and quite frankly I don’t believe half of the pointers that people make such as taking photos on an iPhone. I’m not going to replace my high quality images that I’m proud of creating for iPhone shots just to gain more likes and followers. Followers and numbers  had nothing to do with the reason I started blogging and therefore won’t be playing a part in deciding what content I create online or what blog posts I choose to share.

Truth be told I never really looked into the blogging industry before I started my blog, I wasn’t even aware you could get paid for adverts, sponsored posts and to also be gifted with amazing products from incredible brands. That part of the blogging world wasn’t even on my radar. It has been truly amazing really when I think about the brands I have worked with through having my blog Glorious Chic and I still have those moments of ‘wow they wanted to work with me’ as I don’t really see myself as anything out of the ordinary, it honestly fills me with true happiness everytime a brand approaches me or I create an advert on my social media accounts. Getting these opportunities definitely helps your self esteem and can work as a slight encouragement to keep on blogging as it shows you are doing well at the thing you are passionate about! However there are months when I don’t work with any brands or I don’t feel the motivation to blog a lot. I would have never seen this as discouragement in the past so why recently have I felt like this is what determines my success in the blogging industry? I need to forget that mentality because it’s not why I started my blog in the first place…my aim starting from now is to have the same thoughts about blogging as I did when I first started. I’m doing it because I love it, and if a brand happens to reach out to me in the mean time well that’s an added bonus.

I hate the idea that people start a blog for the freebies. I mean their may be those people out their but the majority of us are in it to create content, write and pass our time doing what we love. I don’t feel disappointed when a brand I love have chosen someone else to write a sponsored post, or I see another blogger being invited to a cool event because the blogging industry; or at least the people I choose to involve myself with and follow are very much about lifting each other up and being supportive rather than bitter at eachothers successes. So, I just know that when things arise that I’m not involved with, in no way means that I am a failure in the blogging industry and instead of deflating me, it should encourage me to not give up at the one thing I hold a true passion for.

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket: Zara *similar
Top: Asos
Trousers: Asos *similar
Trainers: Zara *similar
Hat: Topshop *similar


  1. Holly White
    March 21, 2018 / 11:46 am

    IM SO BORED of hearing about the bloody algorithm too! I understand it’s important in a sense, but life really does have to go on.

    My blog was a passion and a hobby – it’s always good to remember where it all started!

    Lovely post gal xxx

    • caitlin
      April 16, 2018 / 11:34 am

      I completely agree!! It’s so nice that you still love what you do Holly! Thank you so much xxx

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