A Night At Turtle Bay

So last night I went along to the new Turtle Bay for their taster evening event in Northampton and my gosh it was amazing. Give me free cocktails, food and amazing atmosphere and I’m gonna be one happy girl. If you haven’t been to a Turtle Bay before then basically what it is, is a Caribbean restaurant that caters around ‘Rum, Reggae and Jerk’ which kinda makes for the perfect restaurant if you ask me. I’d only ever been to the one in Milton Keynes before and honestly from turning up to the Northampton one yesterday, have to say there is no comparison, Northampton Turtle Bay is a definitely a lot friendlier and overall the layout was a lot more exquisite.

Starting off the evening with drinks *of course, I had the Vanilla and Passion Fruit Mojito; which if you are a big fan of mojitos like myself is definitely worth trying, or at least starting off with. I’ve always been the type of girl who loves fruity cocktails so adored the added blend of passion fruit! Next I went on to have the Bahama Mama (the name is so cool) which was a mix of Coconut rum, banana liqueur and passion fruit. This one was 100% my favourite and a drink I could see myself having a few off when I go again. I also had the Mai Tai to finish off with which was a mix of apricot brandy, fresh lime and pineapple and my god was that easy and delicious to drink. I love places like Turtle Bay that actually do a range of cocktails, all of which are very different.

The actual layout of the restaurant is so cool and envisions the whole Caribbean vibes perfectly. From the brightly coloured graphic walls to the shacked roof and cute fairy lights, the place is definitely very ‘Instagramabale’ and almost seems too cool to be in Northampton; we need more places like this!

So for food we had waiters come around with starters which were incredible and made me so excited for the actual mains. I tried the jerk beef riblets and the vegetarian pepper roti. Now I’m not usually a massive fan of vegetarian dishes but I absolutely adored this and loved the slight kick that the peppers gave it, and the beef riblets were as I’d expected…delicious. The beef was literally cooked to perfection! For mains we sat down and had a few dishes brought out to us including the ‘curry goat pot’ which wouldn’t be something I’d ever think about ordering but will definitely be having again. Then there was the Jerk chicken which lets face it was always going to be beautiful, and it was. To finish off we had a selection of deserts: dark chocolate brownie and banana and toffee cheesecake. I thought I had gone off cheesecake after years of eating it a little too much, but Turtle Bay have literally brought it back into my life and in the best of ways…with a little bit of toffee, I couldn’t recommend this enough!

I honestly can’t wait to go back, and try even more amazing Caribbean food!


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