You Don’t Need To Be Girly To Wear Pink!

I thought I’d give red a break this week, and hop onto the trend that is pink. If you had told me last year I’d be wearing, and loving pink denim and pink everything to be honest, I’d have told you just how wrong you were. See I’ve never hated pink, I just always connotated pink with being girly, and not being a typical ‘girly girl’ pink didn’t seem like the colour for me. Pink denim on the other hand, now I can do that and love it, that much so I want the matching skirt…and have vowed to get it for the Summer; if they aren’t all sold out. Denim pushes the boundaries of masculine and feminine, which I love, it’s the perfect material to try the new season colours out, especially for me, someone who doesn’t want to delve into the trend too much (for now anyway). Talk to me in a month and I might be dressed head to toe in pink.

I couldn’t not buy this jacket when I saw it, especially being a fan of light wash denim it seemed like the dream combination. I was actually on the hunt for a red denim jacket when I saw this, and kinda fell head over heels for it. Paired with my new (and favourite) kick flared jeans, which I had been on the hunt for, for what seemed like forever. Finding the perfect kick flare, I tell you now Is a lot harder than it sounds. Everywhere that sold them seemed to never fit me, especially the pair from H&M which I tried on after walking into the store and seeing them on the mannequin…lets just say I couldn’t even get them over my thighs. When I saw this pair in Urban Outfitters I had my fingers crossed they would fit, and they did, perfectly! I’d never usually go to UO for denim jeans but the range BDG, I think they might be my new favourites…and for a girl who spends 90% of her time (maybe even more) in denim jeans I’d say I know my stuff!

I’m bloody loving denim on denim at the minute, and choosing two different denim washes to at least give this trend a go, without going overboard, for me is the perfect way to start. I really don’t know why double denim seems so scary, but I braved it the other week and wore the same wash denim on top and on bottom and I was totally digging it, but for a safer option I definitely prefer this combination of a pink denim jacket and light wash denim jeans. This outfit is going to be a definite favourite for Spring, so just look out for the repeat posts of it!

*items in this post have been gifted to me by Australia Luxe Co, however all wording and opinions are my own.

 What I’m Wearing:

T-Shirt: Asos
Cami: H&M

Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Zatchels
Shoes: Australia Luxe Co
Sunglasses: Mango

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