It’s All Down To Individuality… And The Accessories



There’s such a difference when it comes to style and fashion. One is broad and refers to a whole industry of clothes, influencer’s, brands, designers… the list really could go on forever. However the other is personal and is a reflection of you and how you want to be seen. Style is all about individuality, how you put together the pieces in your wardrobe to reflect the real you. It’s all about what you feel most comfortable and yourself in NOT always the latest trends.

We are often quick to jump on the bandwagon of a new trend, simply because everyone else is doing so. But we have to think. Do we even like this trend? Does it represent us an individual? Or are we simply just following the crowd in order to ‘fit in’ with what’s supposedly ‘cool’ at the time. It’s really not so much about the trends anymore and the so call ‘must have’ pieces but instead it’s become about dressing yourself in a way that defines your character and mood.

On this particular day I was feeling a little more expressive, I was in London, meaning I could dress completely myself without feeling self conscious; something I kinda feel in my hometown. Gingham trousers, a white leather jacket, silver space heels and my new and beautiful Koko Kouture bag which to me is KEY to my ideal wardrobe, it’s chic and timeless which is what my style is about a lot of the time. Recently I have been  a HUGE fan of gingham, in particular tailored gingham, I honestly feel like it’s a long lost friend, something that is very me, yet for some reason I don’t own a lot of it. But all in all individuality is what makes the outfit, anybody can throw on an outfit, but it’s how you make it your own that speaks confidence and personality. This isn’t something I always knew how to do, because truthfully time has taught me that I should be confident in what I wear, how I go about styling myself and showing people the person I am deep down… the crazy, bubbly girl who likes to appear slightly introverted in the way that she dresses yet stand out in a subtle way.

‘It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.’

 *items in this post have been gifted to me by Koko Kouture, however all wording and opinions are my own.



I used to FOREVER seek validation from people, sometimes a little too much. I’d ask my friends and family of their opinions on my style ‘Do you like this top?’ ‘Does this go together?’… often forgetting that the only validation I really needed was from myself. I think we are quick to put something down if others don’t like it, or quick to hide away behind clothes that don’t really define our true sense of style, just because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, instead of putting on what the heck we want and feeling good about it.


‘Don’t wait for others approval. If you think something is beautiful, say it out loud.’ 

I’ve learnt that there’s really no need to feel stupid if you don’t like what others love, because diversity and individuality is beautiful and shows a strong person deep down. Accessorise your outfits with the pieces that you feel most yourself in, the Koko Kouture bag that you have fallen head over heels for, the heels that you don’t want to take off your feet and be confident that you have the choice to choose the individual that you want to be.







What I’m Wearing:


Trousers: Zara *similar

Top: Zara

Jacket: Zara

Bag: Koko Couture 

Shoes: Primark
Necklaces: H&M 


Caitlin x



  1. March 23, 2017 / 1:20 am

    you rock the pants so well!

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