Navy And Black

When you find yourself feeling completely exhausted from Christmas and New Year (Happy New Year to you all btw) and choosing an outfit becomes a case of wanting to look as though you have put in so much more effort than you actually have, the kinda piece you want to go for is something bold, fluffy and a statement piece and a half…or a faux fur jacket that makes you look as though you’ve just walked out of one of the bedroom doors in Monsters Inc. Handed to me by a woman who’s style is so elegant and cool, I fell in love with this faux fur number in an instant; and who wouldn’t.

Making sure to stick to the casual uncomplicated Saturday vibes for chilling with my family, I paired the jacket with a classic staple shirt and my black mom jeans; adding a little bit of edge with the fishnet tights, something I’ve been absolutely loving recently. The other day my sister wanted help putting together an outfit. When I pulled out a pair of navy jeans and a black top she looked at me in horror, the following words were ‘You can’t do navy and black’, urgh, says who?. I’ve always personally loved a navy and black combo, I think its a signature colour scheme and a uniform that screams ‘YES, these two colours go together and YES, I’m gonna work it’. Which is kinda how I feel about this whole outfit!

 I think it’s funny when I see how my style has changed. I used to be such an introvert when it came to fashion and style, minimalist pieces, plain designs that meant I wouldn’t stand out in any way possible (that was just how I liked it). A lot of the time I wouldn’t wear things because I was way to scared to put myself out there, and a piece of clothing that stood any chance of getting heads turning, well, I’d more than likely be too afraid to wear. Now I’m all about bold statement pieces, no matter how out there and fluffy they are!

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