Styling The Floral Slip

I’ve always been the type of person to never understand dressing for an occasion; of course I wear suitable clothing to weddings etc but on days when I’m doing nothing; or in fact climbing up a mountain to get to the top of a waterfall, I refuse to wear the traditional gear and instead wear my floral slip dress, which you could say isn’t exactly the ideal outfit to wear but none the less I dress how I wanna dress on that day, no matter what it is I have planned. I normally wear this slip with my black lace up heels, or my boots but dressing down the outfit with my favourite; and most in expensive sneakers I own combines the mixture of dressing up, and dressing down. 

This dress has some serious 90s vibes going on, and I adore the vinatge-esque colour scheme, along with the lace detailing and underslip. I know that slips tend to be worn loosely; I mean the whole idea of them is that they slip on and are meant to hang gently from your body but accessorising my outfit with a chunky belt has become one of my favourite things to do. I love taking a piece and making it my own; going against ‘fashion rules’ and styling it in a way that gives it a more cinched in waist effect. I’m also one for obsessively matching my sunglasses in the summer, the colours just MUST go with what I’m wearing…even if they do stay on my head for most of the day! 

With Autumn now upon us; and sadly no more hot holidays planned for this year I can’t wait to style this little slip with a plain black t-shirt underneath, or a knitted jumper over the top…I just can’t get enough of such versatile pieces like this which makes me happy because they are definitely worth the money!  

Dress: Zara

Belt: Topshop 

Bag: H&M

Shoes: New Look

Sunglasses: Asos 

Caitlin x 

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