Flares A Go

Being somewhere that isn’t home…and isn’t England calls for a wardrobe change; something super summery and has that little hint of holiday sass in it. These trousers have been waiting in my wardrobe for the perfect moment to wear them and what better than somewhere that is hot and calls for a pair of wide flares to keep you cool in the evening. I bought these a few months ago, absolutely obsessing over the print and style it was hard to not pick them up, oh, and then realising they have a super cool slit section on either leg I just had to have them. The colour scheme is perfect for pairing with all my favourite gold jewellery pieces; some new, some old but gold has been my go to colour this summer.

I’ve really grown to love the flare, something I probably never thought i’d say when the trend first come out, but that’s probably because I didn’t realise how cool it actually made you feel when wearing them…and there’s no denying how comfy they are. I’m still not sure if i’d ever try a denim flare but none the less I don’t think i’d even have room in my wardrobe to fit any more denim in…i’m denim obsessed to say the least. Summer is definitely the best season to try out new trends, cuts and prints and experiment with your style, wearing things you would have never worn years ago and letting your style evolve naturally!

Trousers: H&M

Top: Topshop

Jewellery: H&M

Sandals: Topshop 


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