Finding The Perfect Pair Of Denim Jeans

I’m not sure what it is about denim that appeals to me so much, but something about the easiness of a pair of denim jeans to complete a day time look means that minimal effort is required to look and feel like you just threw them on… I mean that in a way that makes you look effortlessly cool.

Light denim and that nostalgic Indigo wash create such a vintage feel to jeans that remind us of a time when women did double denim, wore them with a plain white tee in the 80s … oh wait we are doing these trends all over again. Jeans have been remastered and DIY denim is a fashion must if you want a jean that does’t look too crisp clean; something I often go for when choosing the perfect pair. With a frayed hem being one of the things to do right now, distressed knees or patchwork can be a way of getting the jean that no one else has. I personally love to roll my jeans up at the bottom; I’m not sure whether this is because it is ‘In’ to do so, or whether it’s because it makes you look taller but either way rolling up your jeans and pairing with a slight heel is what my look is all about. 

My jean draw is full to the brim…yet I’m still on a mission to find my next perfect pair.

Caitlin x 

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