A little bit of summer inspo!

The sun has been in full swing these past couple of weeks which is making me think of summer all the more! I’ve finally decided that I’m over winter and even spring and just want to start dressing in classic white and denim! Give me summer now!! This year i’m already super obsessed with white, pastel pallets and light denim which i’ve started throwing into my spring wardrobe. Who doesn’t love a minimal outfit like some of these?! Oh and don’t forget lace up tops and the return of the choker. 

I’m definitely feeling the less is more vibes for this summer in both the beauty trends and the fashion trends. Messy hair, salty skin and some sun…if we are lucky in the UK. 

I love the summer nights when it’s light enough to actually go out and enjoy your evening, when the sun makes you feel better and you don’t have to be dulled by the dim lights on your way back from work. I do miss these nights in the winter! 

Anyway here are a few Pinterest pictures that leave me wanting sun, the sea and preferably a nice beach or hot city to venture around into. 

Caitlin x 

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