When In Rome

I’m back after a weekend away in the most beautiful city I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The weather was amazing and the buildings were really just something else, that’s actually quite hard to explain because they were so breathtaking. So I thought I would share with you all some of my photos in more of a travel post, because well I think that everyone deserves to be able to feast their eyes on the city of Rome.

The Colosseum was by far my favourite; I’ve always been so interested in Roman history and the times of the gladiators so seeing where it would have all happened was incredible.  What was even better was how hot the weather was so sightseeing was really enjoyable and everything looked even better with the sun bouncing off the buildings. I didn’t expect to walk as much as we did though, so I am glad I packed super comfy shoes… apart from my first day pair which sadly made my feet hurt; but at least I know for next time, trainers are a must!

After the Colosseum we went to the Roman Forum which was basically lots of Roman ruins which were untouched, and the plus side of that was that seeing as I am under 18 I got to go into the majority of places for free…!

We visited the Vatican on the Saturday and weren’t actually planning on having a tour, but one of the tour guides persuaded us and I am so glad I did it. Not only did we get to skip the queues but we also learnt so much about the history and I was obsessed with the stunning white building that stood in front of me surrounded by thousands of other tourists.

Sunday was very much a day of both shopping and visiting the remaining places we wanted to, so the Spanish Steps were a must and the view from the top was yet again amazing. I loved walking to the bottom and being greeted by the likes of Chanel, Valentino and Dior which meant great window shopping.

It was so amazing wondering the streets, finding new buildings that were all so more amazing than ones I had seen before… so much culture and history about each place was so fascinating! And at one point I was so engrossed in looking at my directions on my phone I ended up walking head first into a street sign… not embarrassing at all when people behind me started to laugh their heads off, but that was just one of my silly moments.

Another amazing moment was when we decided to hire Segway’s and went around a super cool park overlooking the whole of Rome… what a way to end such a beautiful, fun packed holiday!

I can’t wait to plan my next trip away, and already I have a few little ideas up my sleeves of where I would like to travel to…

Caitlin x

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