Recent Beauty Buys

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here is my beauty must haves at the moment. For a girl that is always wearing lipsticks keeping on track of how many similar colours I have is hard, but this Revlon Colorburst is a colour that is so easy to match with any type of makeup, whether day or night and also it goes with just about anything I can think of. I usually wear darker colours, such as red and pink but this lipstick is so natural yet at the same time it stands out. The best thing about this lipstick though is it’s matte finish, which makes it last. 

For someone who a few months ago never bought anything from Lush, I have all of a sudden gone Lush crazy. This tiny little hand and body lotion pot is so adorable and compact; a necessity for putting in your handbag. The light smell stays on your hands for hours, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh. And for those of you that are vegan, then Lush products are the ones for you. There is a slight hint of lavender in the cream which smells wonderful. 

Lastly, the Tea Tree Water toner which my mum recently picked up for me and my sister. After spraying gently onto my face the cool scent and clean feeling afterwards makes you realise how much care you should take with your skin. It is the perfect toner for those with oily skin, and since using this for a week my skin has already started to feel less oily and my makeup is going on a lot nicer than before. This is a definite buy if you wan’t that fresh skin feeling. 

Caitlin x 

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