Turtle Neck Season

Hi, i’m Caitlin and I have decided to start writing my own blog. I have wanted to create a blog for so long now, and well I guess I was so busy that i’m only just getting started now.

I’ve been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember, simply flipping through the covers of Elle and Vogue since I was a lot younger. I was always obsessed with the way models would leave you wanting everything they wore, and how writers could make you fall in love with their topic simply by the charismatic language they used. I like to say I have experimented with my style over the years, in lower years I must say, yes, I was part of the flare phenomena (which by shock, is back in now.) And later on in my school life I begin testing a grungy look; flannel shirts and docs which I still adore. My style now is simple yet edgy and I love pairing simple tees with chunky statement necklaces; these are definitely my favourite accessories.

I have been inspired by the likes of the Olsen twins, Phoebe Tonkin, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, most recently the Hadid sisters, Kristina Bazan, Alexandra Spencer and a lot more. Although I love taking aspects from my favourite bloggers, models and actresses styles I love throwing in my own style and playing around with new outfits every day.

A few years ago I was extremely fortunate (and I mean extremely) to work with Sibling London designers where I helped create some outfits that later walked down their London Fashion Week show, something I have also experienced. It was so exciting getting to see something I had helped produce being worn by Cara Delevingne and if that couldn’t get any better; on a double page spread of The Daily Mail newspaper, as well as Grazier. I enjoyed being back stage and getting even the smallest of taster for the Fashion Industry. Earlier on last year I worked at Elite Model Management, which was spectacular, and seeing all the beautiful models did make me quite sad that i’m not a 6ft, strong jawline, amazing cheek bone kinda girl. And if that wasn’t good enough, the male models…need I say more.

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